WASHINGTON — He’s got a diploma from the University of San Diego, he is a Harvard Medical School graduate also he also served as a Navy SEAL, however, Dr. Jonny Kim is not done: Now he’s blasting off into the distance. Kim will become the very first astronaut with NASA to embark on the International Space Station, the moon and possibly even Mars after graduating the instruction program last week. Kim was born and raised from immigrants that were Korean-American, based on some NASA bio. Kim enlisted in the Navy after graduating from Santa Monica High School in 2002.

He earned his way on SEAL Team Three, located in San Diego, and that he served as a combat navigator, sniper, medic and point person on over 100 combat operations. At the University of San Diego, he earned his bachelor’s degree In 2012. He had been one year to a kindergarten residency at Massachusetts General Hospital if he got the phone he was chosen as a NASA astronaut candidate. Kim began his coaching in 2017 and graduated in the program Jan. 10. Kim is not the only astronaut that is new with truong cao dang y khoa pham ngoc thach San Diego ties. He had over 1,600 hours of flight time from 28 aircraft, finishing 400 landings along with 61 battle missions, in accordance with NASA.

Besides your score transcript, and a college diploma, admissions committees take a have a look in the extracurriculars, exactly like schools. They are searching for men and women who have shown not just character traits such as ethics, maturity, and dedication to helping society but also intelligence. These attributes are unquestionably important whether you are trying to develop into a physician. By looking at what you have done before applying to medical school, the common way that they’ll attempt to assess your characteristics that are nonacademic is. Committees will probably ask you about them further. Your ally will be your pre-med adviser, as you are pursuing the medical school application procedure. Then contact your faculty’s pre-med office if you’re going to apply to medical colleges.