Best Bitcoin Exchanges In the World For Trading Bitcoins

Bitcoin is growing very fast. The whole world has started talking about it. Even non-technical people are able to buy bitcoin. If you are looking for the best bitcoin exchanges, there are more options available. These exchanges often accept money through wire transfer. And you can use them from any part of the world.

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency (cryptocurrency). It connected to the internet. It is also stored in the bitcoin wallets as how money saves. Let’s look at the best Bitcoin trading platforms to help you buy and sell Bitcoin.

There are options on the best and most reliable websites to buy bitcoins instantly., CoinMama, Wirex, and Bitit are some of the best websites. For all the other information you need, go to our website


This is one of the 10 bitcoin exchanges in the world. Fast growing exchange. Although it is based out of China, it is open to all countries around the world. Offers decent discounts for day traders. The process of binance is quite simple and fast.


Bittrex has a clean design and easy-to-use. It is a US based cryptocurrency exchange. This is one of the most secure for users. Bittrex handles one of the largest BTC trading volumes.


If you are dealing with Altcoin, this is the best crypto exchange. Poloneix is one of the most trustable in the cryptocurrency exchange. You can deposit and trade in any cryptocurrency or USDT at Poloneix.


Huobi Pro, a global digital asset exchange launched Hadax. Hadax is the world’s first autonomous token listing exchange. They have introduced HT tokens. Of these, 34 cryptocurrencies are listed on it.


Kraken is one of the largest bitcoin exchanges. It is based in San Francisco. With kraken you can trade using Ethereum and Zcash. It is very easy to get started. This exchange is open to those in the world.


This is also another popular bitcoin exchange. You can buy bitcoins using your credit or debit cards. It provides iOS and Android app. So you can trade from your smartphones. Other features include sub-accounts, high security, SMS price alerts.

Best Bitcoin Exchanges In the World For Trading Bitcoins

Gemini is another great bitcoin. It operates in North America, Europe and Asia. They provide personal accounts and corporate accounts. Its price is competitive. These are easy to use for beginners. Gemini is a great option for bitcoin trading in the USA.