With the right hardware you can “generate” or earn coins. This hardware is sent specific blocks of information on which a calculation and / or check must be performed. After this operation has been completed, the result will be sent back and you will receive a certain amount of money (mining fee). How high this amount saves per type of currency for which the calculation has been made and the rate of that currency. You often talk about pennies, but many little ones make 1 big one.


When a coin goes to the moon, or is mooning, it means that the value of the coin is rising considerably. And by big I don’t mean a few percent per day, but several percent per hour. Since the moon is very high for us humans on the earth, may it be clear where this term comes from.


Making a coin interesting to attract so many buyers. Making this interesting is done through press releases, Twitter, Social Media, blogs, forums, etc.

Pump and Dump

An action that BearWhales, for example, could implement: make a coin interesting, raise the price because a lot is bought / traded and then sell quickly. the BearWhales then earn a lot from this.

On the other hand, there are also parties who deliberately want to lower the price so that they can buy the currency at a low rate, when it again increases in value, they can sell it again. Dropping a coin can be done by, among other things, posting negative messages / fake news in the right places about the party issuing the coin. With XTR gateĀ  trading blog .co.uk you can find the best deals opened now.


A corruption of the English word Wrecked, which means as much as demolished or ruined. Stretch is used to indicate someone who has lost all his money / credits due to a fall of 1 or more coins in which he / she has invested.