Sign Multiple Gmail Accounts Automatically

Have you ever wanted to sign into all your Gmail accounts at once without the hassle of logging out of one and providing your username and password information over and over again? Google has heard your prayers!

Google has just announced a new feature on Gmail called email delegation. Email delegation allows you to sign into all your accounts without the added necessity of switching from one account to another manually.

Originally, used for granting access to your primary account to your spouse or personal assistant without revealing your password, it is now proving to be a lot more useful than just that. Just delegate your Gmail account to someone and they’d get instant read-write access to your mailbox and they get signed in to your Gmail account as soon as they sign in to their own Google account.

The trick is based just on that feature. If you delegate your accounts to yourself, you will be able to sign into all your Gmail accounts through your primary email address.

Sign Multiple Gmail Accounts Automatically

All you need to do is:

  1. Sign into one of your secondary Gmail accounts.
  2. Go to Mail Settings – Accounts – Grant Access to your account.
  3. Hit “Add another Account” and specify your primary Gmail email address here.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email on your primary account. Log in and follow the steps provided in the email.

You can then use the same steps to delegate all your mailboxes. Once you sign into your primary account, you will automatically be signed into all your secondary accounts. Just use the Switch Account option on the upper left corner of your Gmail window and you’ll be able to access any of your secondary accounts.

However, you should not that:

  1. You will need to sign-in to access your Google Docs, Calendar, Google Plus and other Google products.
  2. Delegation will only let you share your mailbox with accounts with the same domain name.
  3. If your primary account gets hacked, the hacker will have full control over all your delegated email addresses.
  4. All your emails sent through your secondary email address will also have your primary address details in them.