Things to do to not become addictive to online poker

Poker is a great game in terms of fun, thrill, skill, and chance. But when it comes to earning everyone is not fully equipped to make it big. Hundreds of armatures fall in trap of glossy ads ensuring mega earnings and loss all savings in the hope of earning big. This chain reaction changes online poker from game of skill to the game of hope. This ultimately becomes addiction for some, if not all.

According to estimates, in the U.S. around 6 million people had a gambling disorder in need of immediate treatment. Online poker deposit pulsa, which is technically gambling, is considered as harmless fun. It is fine until you are in control of your emotion to say start and stop. But when this fund changes into compulsive behavior, this becomes a “problem gambling”.  Since it is progressive in nature, it becomes too late by the time you realize you are in the category of addictive poker gaming.

It has several negative physical, psychological, and social repercussions. In medical terminology, your poker addiction falls under an impulse-control disorder. You may notice recurrent depression, headache, distress, abdominal disorders, and anxiety.

How to Avoid Online Poker Addiction

The first thing is you have to understand that online poker game related addiction is not an outcome of financial problem, but an emotional problem related financial consequences. Once you are in an emotional grip of the game, you will start behaving awkwardly with friends, family, and colleagues. Listen, listen and listen what your well-wishers say. The moment you are not in control of your urge to continue playing or to stop, you need to consult a doctor to seek remedy for your addiction.

  • Acceptance of Addiction

The road to recovery begins with the acceptance of the fact that you are in grip of poker addiction. This realization opens the path of return from the addiction to normalcy. The best strategy to avoid addiction to online poker is to have control over your instincts. When you have lesser faith in your gaming skill and playing more on instincts, it is time to stop. The carving for win induced by the resistance to indigestion of the loss takes you to next level of risks. So, be careful and seek a remedy.

  • Share With Trusted Person

The realization takes you to the next step of sharing your emotional state with someone whom you can trust. Your rational friend will show you the path of recovery and take you to some professional therapist. Since it involves money matters you have to be ready for some initial reactions. Talk is the only remedy at this stage.

  • Kill All Triggers

Recurrence of emotional bursts is the biggest enemy of any addition behavior. Unfortunately, that small passage to re-try is more dangerous than the normal day-to-day addiction. So, first of all block all possible channels that trigger your emotion to play poker online.  Remove all possible cues that could take you away from recovery path. Unlike other addition, poker addiction is relatively easier as it is more emotional than physical.

  • Relinquish Financial Control

Easy money is the biggest trigger, so kill the source. Handover all possible control over the financial matter to someone you have faith. Even if triggers come, you won’t have access to your fund source and seeking permission will keep you away from the game. If you have debt load on your head, play smart and manage smartly to avoid undue risks.

  • Go Back to Normal Life

Virtual space added by a filler of fun and passion is a killer combination to keep you away from social life. Add the topping of earning and it becomes deadly combination to make you addict. So, keep yourself busy in social circle and try to compensate for the emotional urge of risks, thrill, and luck through other activities. Go back to life and play.

Things to do to not become addictive to online poker

Uncertainty is part of human life, and despite the best of planning and execution, we all feel helpless at some point in time. That is the beauty of life. It is good to surrender sometime so that you could regain your potential and be ready for a larger battle. Overcoming an emotional challenge isn’t easy, but it can be achieved if you follow instructions of your therapist and stick to the regime for some time. The best possible strategy to avoid overindulgence in online poker is to have a proper schedule and budget. If you can control this much you will always enjoy the game as well as win a handsome amount of money. There is no such thing as impossible. It is always possible!