Hargreaves is confident that Antony is doing well with the ghosts

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Former Manchester United midfielder Owen Hargreaves has express confidence that Antony will fit into Erik ten Hag’s system and will go well with the ufabet team. Hargreaves is confident that Antony is doing well with the ghosts.

         Brazilian footballers agreed to move to the old footballers. Trafford is valued at £85million following the ongoing speculation. That Hargreaves is confident he will be doing well and fans will love the player.

         “This is a fit and witty Brazilian. He will bring entertainment Goals and assists. I think what a lot of people don’t know about him is that he’s good at squeezing the game. He can be a starting point on the pitch,” Hargreaves said.

         “Obviously he is creative as well. I think Manchester United fans will love him, everyone will pay to see him and I think he will be a great signing. He’s sly and creative along with personality too. Getting the ball back is a big deal in Ten Hag’s system and he fits in well with it.

         Asked about Antoni’s position, Hargreaves said: “Elanga will come out, Antoni will play on the right, Jadon on the left, Rashford and Martial will be. The other two, Cristiano Ronaldo is at the top.”