Pep is confident that the boat is strong enough to win the league title this season

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola is confident the team has the strength to advance to the Premier League title this season.

         “Sailboat” has won the top country’s top league for 2 seasons in a row. And this year is one of the favorites to enter the championship again from a great reinforcement, especially in the case of Erling Haaland. Who has hit 9 goals from 5 games.

         The Spanish boss sees the current ufabet team as being stronger than the 2019/10 champions. And is confident that they will be able to enter this year’s title badge.

         “After winning two Premier League titles in a row I said I wanted to see how we get back in pre-season,” Pep said. “I have my doubts this year about the smell in training and in pre-season. From the first day I liked what I saw.”

         “We’ve been pretty consistent in these five games, we haven’t changed much in our form. It builds confidence in the team.”

‘We were quite consistent in these five games. We don’t change our patterns much. It gives confidence to the team.’

City can go top with victory at Aston Villa on Saturday, buoyed by the prolific Erling Haaland, who is gunning to become the first player since Liverpool’s Jack Balmer in 1946 to score three consecutive top-flight hat-tricks.